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Project management software for the public sector: a tailored tool to better support local authorities.

z0 Gravity is a project management software developed with and for local authorities. With its simple interface and embedded dashboard, this public sector project management software effectively addresses the time and budget constraints of local authorities. Discover how z0 Gravity has become the preferred project management tool for the public sector and local authorities.


1. z0 Gravity, the project management software dedicated to the public sector
   A. Master investment and operating budgets
   B. A relevant response to territorial challenges

2. Tool for cross-functionality, governance, and communication
   A. Cross-functionality tool
   B. Governance tool
   C. Communication tool

3. Quick start-up

4. Public sector project management software recommended by UGAP

1. z0 Gravity, the project management software dedicated to the public sector
 A. Master investment and operating budgets

As the president of a local authority or the general director of services, you are responsible for managing resources, and investment and operating budgets are at the core of your concerns. But how do you optimize your budgets without compromising on the quantity or quality of your projects?

At z0 Gravity, we understand the importance that territorial development projects can have, both for elected officials and for residents and all territorial teams. The solution offered by z0 Gravity supports the development of projects aimed at improving the quality of life for residents within a municipality or territory, while optimizing the management of investment and operating budgets.

Avec z0 Gravity, logiciel de gestion de projets dédié au secteur public, maîtrisez vos budgets d'investissement et de fonctionnement
Logiciel de gestion de projets secteur public - Avec z0 Gravity, maîtrisez vos budgets d’investissement et de fonctionnement


The project management software for the public sector, z0 Gravity, allows administrators to maintain an overview of all ongoing projects in the territory. Key information is quickly accessible on a single platform, enabling real-time prioritization and optimization of budgets. At a glance, you can track project progress and goal achievement through simple indicators like the project weather, a signature feature of z0 Gravity.

B. A Relevant Response to Territorial Challenges

z0 Gravity understands the challenges faced by local authorities and public sector businesses. Recognizing that digitalization and data utilization are at the heart of new development issues, z0 Gravity aims to support public administrations and their employees in adapting to the digital shift and realizing Smart City projects. The solution offers flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency, designed to provide high performance and cost-effectiveness at all project management levels. From reporting to internal communication, from simple task management to portfolio management, the solution allows for quick access, decision-making, and sharing without the need to search or synthesize heterogeneous information. Accessible online, z0 Gravity can be taken anywhere, whether in meetings, telecommuting, or in the field.

2. Tool for Transversality, Governance, and Communication

A. Comprehensive Vision and Transversality Tool

With its comprehensive vision, cross-referenced information, and intelligent, customizable interface, z0 Gravity is the ideal project management software for public sector organizations. Through real-time sharing of essential information, every project member quickly and accurately knows the status of project progress and development context.

B. Governance Tool

Its user-friendly interface engages all project stakeholders and their management in more collaborative working methods. Consequently, information is clearly identified, accessible, and decision-making is significantly facilitated.

C. Communication Tool

Projects managed with z0 Gravity benefit from useful and practical features that enable quick communication. Whether internally, externally, during commissions, or community councils, the software facilitates precise responses to citizen expectations regarding the progress of relevant projects.

3. Quick and Easy Implementation

Unlike many management tools that struggle to attract users due to rigidity or complexity, z0 Gravity is presented as a user-friendly and more adaptable solution. Each stakeholder can now smoothly and collaboratively manage simple or ambitious projects.

The public sector project management software, z0 Gravity, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that requires no internal installation or development. Only a few hours are needed for team and service training. Easy to use, z0 Gravity allows for immediate and sustainable project management through its expertise in experience and knowledge management. Thus, everything you do is archived and exploitable at your convenience.


Create, arbitrate, evaluate, and accomplish more easily with z0 Gravity.



4. A public sector project management software referenced by UGAP

After six years of research and development involving 200 local authorities, the z0 Gravity team has devised a user-friendly solution that facilitates the management of strategic, tactical, and operational projects. The z0 Gravity public sector project management software is a French solution specifically tailored to the challenges of territorial development, hosting its data in France. Its simplified approach to project management comprehensively meets the accessible needs of local authorities and public sector businesses. For these reasons, it is now among the software recommended by UGAP (Union of Public Procurement Groups). Local authorities and public sector businesses can benefit from immediate purchases, exempt from procedures, with the assurance that the z0 Gravity project management software complies with public procurement regulations.

Le logiciel de gestion de projet innovant z0 Gravity référencé à UGAP
Le logiciel de gestion de projet innovant z0 Gravity référencé à UGAP





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